Boostree is a small creative digital media studio. We help people grow their business by coming up with diverse online marketing and content strategies.






Verb (Used with a business)

Social media strategy


Content creation & curation

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1) To lift or raise by using online campaigns

2) To advance or aid by creating a consistent and effective online media strategy

3) To increase; raise online business presence

4) To boost lead performance

E-commerce solutions

Email marketing

Product photo shoots


To enhance, improve, solidify, success

Explainer Videos

Graphic Design


How are you different?

In today’s world, it's all about how you differentiate yourself.

What sets you apart?

This is how we do

Our work is founded on truly understanding your brand and goals to help boostreefy your business. With us, your online marketing strategy will result in a robust high-converting fly trap.







1) Are you taking on new projects now?

You bet! Now more than ever, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen how a businesses digital presence means more to owners than just exposure. We want to help entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive through these unprecedented & changing times. We are here for you, working harder than ever. Connect with us to explore our services!


2) How much is this going to cost?

We know you would rather have an estimate of how much what you need is going to cost you. We have been there. But see, we genuinely want to come up with solutions that are not only right for you but adhere to your budget. We can only give you an estimate until we know more about your business and your goals. Let’s get talking!

3) What should I expect from you? What do you expect from a client?

It’s not all about what you do, it’s also about how you do it, right? Workflow is important, we know that as a business owner you are very busy, and we take efficiency very seriously. Just to make sure we can do our job as smoothly as possible this is what you can expect from working with us:

  1. Getting to know you: You will have to fill a questionnaire for us so that we can know about the building blocks of your business. We will do our homework and prepare for a personal meeting with you.

  2. Meeting: We hop on a call or video-chat where you tell us about your business and goals. Expect some questions from us! 

  3. Working together: If we agree to work together then we would need your login credentials, branding guideline, or the like, and contact info of your business employee in charge of mediating with your new marketing team!

Steven Severson


Marketing and Sales Consultant

Gabriela Sapon

Marketing Manager

Natalia Beneitez

Marketing Associate

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